My name’s Katy Simpson and I’m a DELTA-qualified EFL teacher currently working in Chiang Mai, Thailand, with a Masters in English Language from Lancaster University. I studied French at Oxford University, and in my past life was a journalist for a regional UK newspaper. I’m particularly interested in the role of English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) and co-author a blog on this topic with Laura Patsko. You can connect with me on Twitter @KatyELT

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IATEFL 2013 photo
At IATEFL 2013 in Liverpool

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  1. Hi, Katy

    My name is Camelia and I`m from Romania. I am an English teacher and a technical writer and I`m planning to follow a CELTA course next year because I want to have a growing teaching career. I would like to do the course at IH London. But the huge costs (for someone from Romania) make me consider other options as well, such as IH Barcelona, IH Budapest, IH Prague. I really want to do this course and I would love to do it in London (I visited it last year). Plus, I would like to hear British English everywhere around me. But, on the other hand, I could do CELTA at half price in other countries.
    What do you advise me? Your feedback would be much appreciated!

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Camelia, personally I had an amazing time at IH London doing my Celta, so obviously I’m not totally objective! But even for English people, it’s really expensive to live in London. I was lucky as I had friends there who I stayed with for free for the month, otherwise I couldn’t have afforded it either. I’m no expert, but having since taught at another IH school (IH Newcastle, in the north of the UK) and seen the Celta courses running there, I think International House upholds its standards throughout the network of schools.

      London is a fantastic city, and I can see the appeal of spending a month there, but I have to say that I remember working so hard on my Celta that I didn’t see much of London at all! I didn’t get to make the most of living there because I spent most of my time lesson planning or reading. That said, it was still a great experience to soak up the atmosphere just walking to the school every day, especially as it’s in such a great location. So if you do choose to go there, I’m sure you’ll love it. But in terms of the course, you’d no doubt have an equally enriching experience at any of the other IH schools you mentioned.

      I hope this helps, and good luck!

      1. Hi again, Katy! Thank you very much for your answer!
        I know that Celta implies arduous training but I`m also sure that I`ll have the time of my life there and for this it has to be in London! I left a part of my heart there last year and I promised myself that I would be back. So, what better opportunity can I have? I hope to find accommodation somewhere not very far and, as you said, inhale the atmosphere while walking to school. I`ll have to make sacrifices, work a lot, gather the money, but I`m convinced it will be worth it! It`s my Mecca!

        Thank you again and Merry Christmas!

      2. Fantastic! It’s better to regret things you’ve done than things you haven’t 🙂 Have a wonderful time Camelia, and good luck. Merry Christmas to you too. Katy

  2. Hi Katy,
    I’ve just seen your comment over on David Harbison’s blog and noticed that you said you were from Shropshire. As there are relatively few of us who can make that claim (some friends at University didn’t know where it was, and even fewer could pronounce Shroozbury correctly!), I was just curious as to where. I was born in Scotland but from 6-18 lived in Shrewsbury, Newport and Wellington (never say Telford!) Even got married in Coalbrookdale. Haven’t been back in nearly 10 years and have to say I miss it. Beautiful county.

    Jess (in Barcelona)

    1. Hi Jess! I’m from near Oswestry but I went to school in Shrewsbury. It’s a small world hey! It is indeed a very beautiful place and I really appreciated how green it is there while I was living in Dubai.

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